Version 3.6

Version 3.6 – 28 September 2022 Update KeyDesign Addon v5.2 Fixed Social Icons extension issue – now using Redux updated version

Version 3.5

Version 3.5 – 22 September 2022 Added option to set a link on Sliding Box image Added option to overwrite Content Box element box padding Added option to overwrite icon font size with the List element Added option to display menu description with Level 1 menu items Added option to […]

Version 3.4

Version 3.4 – 10 June 2022 Added maintenance mode activation notification with the login page Added option to set extra class with the Popup Modal and Side Panel header buttons Added option to set external link with the Extended Tabs image Added option to change the background color for the Single […]

Version 3.3

Version 3.3 – 22 March 2022 Added new elements – Timeline and Image Comparison Added maintenance mode activation notification with the login page Added option to add a link on the Price Block element title Added option to set navigation speed with the Logo Carousel element Added more autoplay speed […]

Version 3.2

Version 3.2 – 12 January 2022 Added option to switch between showing the last updated or published date with blog posts Added new option to enable FAQ auto-collapse in Theme Options > Elements > FAQ Update Revolution Slider v6.5.14 Update KeyDesign Addon v4.8 Update WPBakery Page Builder v6.8

Version 3.1

Version 3.1 – 17 November 2021 Added filters to main and secondary logo images Added the Letter Spacing option for the Body Typography field Added functionality for blog posts to display the updated post date Update KeyDesign Addon v4.7 Update Revolution Slider v6.5.9 Fixed “Field type social_profiles was not found.” […]

Version 3.0

Ekko v3.0 – 16 August 2021 Update KeyDesign Addon v4.6 Update Revolution Slider v6.5.6 Fixed style issues with new Block widgets added in WordPress 5.8 Fixed text overlaying issue on mobile with Progress Bar element

Version 2.9

Ekko v2.9 – 06 August 2021 Update KeyDesign Addon v4.5 Update WPBakery Page Builder v6.7 Update Revolution Slider v6.5.5 Fixed Button Border Radius option Fixed issue with Widgets page not loading when updating to WordPress 5.8 Fixed loading issue with Social Icons widget Fixed spacing issue when using other currency […]

Version 2.8

Ekko v2.8 – 06 July 2021 Added Map Marker icon with the social media icons list Added discount option with Pricing Table element Added option to overwrite menu links color when using a transparent header Added option to enable/disable the use of custom fonts Update KeyDesign Addon v4.4 Update Revolution […]

Version 2.7

Ekko v2.7 – 20 April 2021 Added new brand icons to the social icons list: Airbnb, Amazon, app store, Bandcamp, blogger, discord, Goodreads, google play, Houzz, Kickstarter, Patreon, quora, Snapchat, TikTok, Tumblr, twitch Update KeyDesign Addon v4.3 Update Revolution Slider v6.4.8 Fixed PHP 8 issue with the Demo Import System […]